Mannequin Heads: Behind the Scenes


Do you remember cutting off your Barbie or Ken dolls’ hair and wishing for it to grow back? Or trying to curl their hair but end up melting it? For many future hairstylists, Barbie and Ken are usually their first clients/mannequin head.

From finger waves to balayage, Hairstyling students use mannequin heads to practice their craft. But unlike practicing on an acrylic/plastic haired friend (we’re talking about Barbie!!), students at MC College learn the Art of Hairstyling on Pivot Point mannequins that are made with 100% real human hair. Working on real human hair allows students to experience realistic results. These mannequin heads are considered as the Ferraris’ in the Hairstyling Industry.

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But…where does the hair come from?

Pivot Point collects hair from China and India. In many parts of the world, people sell their hair for income. Once collected, the hair is grouped based on length and then disinfected several times. From there, it undergoes chemical treatments to achieve different colors and hair textures. Throughout the whole process, the hairs’ moisture and elasticity levels are monitored to ensure it’s still consistent with human hair. To make hair education as realistic as possible, Pivot Point mannequin heads’ features are hand painted to make it look anatomically correct. The hair is professionally implanted (by hand) and evenly distributed to mimic natural human hair growth. From implanting hair to painting it’s on fleek eye brows, the head itself is created and assembled by artists in China.

To ensure that these artists are treated equally and are given ethical working conditions, all Pivot Point mannequin heads are SA8000 certified. This means that educational goods such as mannequin heads are created in a working environment that’s free of forced and child labor, poor working conditions and wages, and unfair work hours. The certification also ensures that “the quality of goods match the well-being of the artisans who create them”.

So, how do you know if mannequin heads are SA8000 certified? Look for the below tag:



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