Backstage at the Canadian Country Music Awards



This past weekend, the Canadian Country Music Awards was held in Edmonton at the Shaw Conference Centre. Courtney and Jasmine, two of our senior Hairstyling students,  were invited to provide hairstyling services for the presenters and nominees. I had a quick chat with country music fan Courtney about her experience backstage.

Q: How did you get involved?

A: Renato, my instructor, and Analia, my campus Director, handpicked me and Jasmine to provide hairstyling services backstage.

Q: How many hairstyles did you do?

A: We did about 5 or 6 hairstyles each. We did the hair for performing artists or their wives.

Q: Who was the biggest artist’s hair you did

A: Kira Isabella was the biggest star! She won Female Vocalist of the Year.

Q: What was your highlight?

A: When Kira Isabella walked into the room and saw me and said “I like your hair and I want mine to you look like that!”

Q: Was there any obstacles?

A: Not really as Renato gave us tips on how to stage hair and how to make it last.

Q: What was it like backstage?

A: Everyone was pretty easy-going. Most wanted their hair to be curled.

Q: Did you get to watch the show?

A: I’m sure that I could have watched it from there but I watched it from home as it was a full day. We were there from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Q: Would you do it again?

A: Yes! Absolutely.

Q: What are you up to after graduation?

A: I am starting an apprenticeship soon. I plan on eventually moving my way up to a bigger salon.

Thanks Courtney!

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