Hair… A Necessity and An Accessory


Looking back into civilization, as far back as the stone age, both men and women were covered with facial and body hair. Due to the lack of clothing their body hair protected them from harsh temperatures and hazardous conditions.

As evolution took place and civilization became more defined, hair also played an important role in identifying and distinguishing society, customs, cultures, wealth and social status. At this point, hair was both a necessity and an accessory.

As the years passed and the world survived two major world wars, the female society became more rebellious. They started to search for self identity and self worth. Hair became an expression of their image and personality, hence an accessory of their perception.

Certainly today we can survive without hair. We no longer need hair to protect us from the external environment, however most women need hair to protect them from their internal qualms. The psychological aspect that hair possesses to men and women is much greater than admitted.

Our hair today is our number on accessory. It may be styled according to an occasion, cut according to our taste and colored according to the season.