All About Body Wraps


Body wraps are treatments that are intended to replenish moisture, combat stress, increase blood circulation, drain and detoxify to help reduce cellulite and even help in weight loss by getting rid of excess water retention.

Enter into the gourmet world of our relaxing Cocoa Body Wrap. Thanks to its anti-stress properties, this one hour treatment provides a feeling of well being and deep relaxation while hydrating and softening your skin.

Or try the Guarana Ginger Wrap, especially formulated for slimming and firming those trouble areas. This care includes a toning body exfoliation, a slimming massage and the Ginger wrap.

Lastly we offer our Honey Oxygenating Treatment designed for dull and devitalized skin. This treatment stimulates cellular renewal thanks to its composition of sugar complexes, vitamins and olego-elements.

For July, we are offering any of these wraps for only $25.00!… So go ahead, get wrapped or give the gift of the wrap.

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