MC College Creative Scholarship


You’re in the last month of your High School career and all that’s on your mind is graduation and summer vacation. But… college is around the corner. If you are a grade 12 student who will be receiving a High School Diploma, and have an interest in starting a career in the beauty industry, keep reading!

MC College is offering every High School a $1000 Creative Scholarship to our Full Time Hairstyling, Esthetics or Fashion Design* programs. Last year, we gave out $51,000 worth of scholarships. But this year, we’ll be giving away 551 scholarships, totaling at $551,000 (this increases your chances of winning!).

Who can enter?
Grade 12 students who will be receiving their High school Diploma. The student must have an excellent attendance record, involved in extracurricular activities or community service, and demonstrate an interest in the beauty industry.

How do you enter?
1). Fill out this application form: Scholarship Nomination Form
2). Send us your High School transcript
3). Submit 2 letters of reference from someone other than a family member or friend. It can be from a co worker, supervisor, teacher, counselor etc.
4). Samples of your creative work. From photographs to paintings, the sky is the limit.
5). A presentation (can be in the form of an essay, info-graphic, video, slideshow etc) that describes the following:
• your long term career goals
• why you are choosing a career in the beauty industry
• Research about your chosen career: wages, job availability, career paths and career advancement
• names of 2 people in the beauty industry who you have spoken to for information
6). Once you have completed steps 1-5, mail, fax or email your entry to:

MC College Group
Corporate Head Office
10541 106 street
Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2X5
Fax: (780) 428-7733

*The fashion design program is currently only offered in Edmonton and Winnipeg.

So get out your laptop and start applying!!

Deadline: June 30th