Why we’re not Marvel or Marca college:

not marvel marca

Dear MC College Students, Clients, Media, Salons & Spas and Partners in Training,

Don’t you hate it when your name gets spelt wrong on your Starbucks cup? You’ll probably tweet or Instagram about it but you’re still annoyed that it happened. We feel your pain: every single time you call us Marvel/Marca, we get annoyed too.

But why?

Did you know that in 2000, we changed our name from Marvel/Marca to MC College? And no…it doesn’t stand for ‘Marvel/Marca College College’. It has been 15 years since the name change and you’re still calling us Marvel/Marca! If there was a Guinness World record for the longest branding/name change, we’d probably win it… 🙁

So, why did we change our name? And what does ‘MC’ stand for?

From 1925-2000, a few of our campuses were called ‘Marvel’ but our Saskatoon campus was called ‘Marca’. After getting a letter from Marvel comics, legally banning us from using ‘Marvel’, we decided to brand all campuses under one name. The new name needed to reflect our passion for the industry and explain what we do. We decided to re-brand as ‘Masters of Cosmetology College’. The name was a bit long to say, write, text and type, so we shortened it to ‘MC College”.

We get it, change is hard but we’re still the fun, creative and diverse Hairstyling, Esthetics and Fashion Design School that you have always known us by, just with a different name: MC College.

So, please…stop calling us Marvel/Marca College. #TheStruggleIsReal


MC College.