Student of the Month: Danielle White

daneille white

Even outside of school or the salon, this student is either doing hair or catching up on the latest hair trends. Our Student of the Month goes out to Hairstyling Student, Danielle White from the Winnipeg Campus! “Danielle was born to be a Hairstylist! Her upbeat, positive personality is infectious. She has the skill set and mind set to go far in her career…She has a natural talent for the industry and it shows in her hard work and dedication” says MC College Winnipeg Director, Anna McGregor.

Why did you choose Hairstyling as a career?
“Honestly, I’ve always loved hair. I remember doing my family’s hair as a kid…My neighbor was a stylist. I’ve known her since I was 5 years old. I remember helping her clean her salon and playing around with shampoo and styling products. I loved watching her do hair because you can really see her passion for hair.”

What do you like most about Hairstyling so far?
“I love colouring and styling because you can see the transformation almost immediately.. .A colour can define their look so much…Hairstyling is much more than doing hair. You’re someone’s therapist and friend.”

What has surprised you the most about beauty school?
“You don’t realize how hard cutting hair is. There’s so much to it: hair growth, texture, head shape. It’s so meticulous.”

What do you love about MC College?
“I love the people and the clients. From teens to seniors – you get to do a bit of everything like balayage and perms. I love that MC is so involved like going to the Ronald McDonald House! Volunteering really adds to someone’s day and you notice it at that moment.”

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned at MC College? Why?
“Constructive criticism. At first, you take it personally because you don’t understand it but after awhile, you realize it’s a good thing. Just don’t let constructive criticism push you down. Use it to grow”.


What are your plans for the future after graduating?
“Everything! I want to work in a salon but at the same time, I don’t want to stay within 4 walls. I want to do competitions, travel and experience the entire industry. I’m going to keep an open mind and take every opportunity given to me… I love that you get to take your career anywhere in the world.”
On day 2 of Danielle’s work experience at Aevi Salon and Spa Boutique, she was offered a job opportunity!

What is the best advice you’ve received about the industry, beauty school or career?
“Stay humble and kind, never let your ego get ahead of you. Everyone loves a humble stylist who’s passionate about what they do… This was from one our instructors, Stacey Mendoza.”


What is your favorite Artego product?
“Dream repair mask. It smells amazing and works wonders!”


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