Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Lauren Howie


Lauren was born in Calgary, Alberta but grew up in Winnipeg. Her love of fashion construction began when she started making clothes for her toys at a young age. Since then, it has progressed into a full-fledged passion for her career.

As a long time fan of anime, she began re-creating her favorite characters as Cosplay at Anime Conventions. Cosplay is the creation of costumes and accessories based on characters in Japanese anime. Her favorite part about Cosplay is coming up with new design concepts and deciphering the construction of a garment or costume.


Upon first exposure, Lauren immediately fell in love with gothic subculture. Fascinated by what makes one uneasily tick, she finds inspiration in dark beauty and a macabre aesthetic. Her love of high contrast and unsettling imagery drew her to create the collection, Circus Menagerie. Inspired by the idea of a dark carnival, the collection was designed for the gothic woman and exudes dark elegance and mystery.


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