Student of the Month: Nikki Thorne

nikki thorne

All the way from the “Hub of the North” (AKA: Thompson, Manitoba), the Student of the Month goes out to Nikki Thorne from the Esthetics program in Winnipeg! From jet skis to microdermabrasions, she originally started a career in sales at a recreation dealership but decided on a career change. “I was a sales manager for over 7 years. It was time for a change in scenery and I’ve always wanted to be self employed and do something that I’m passionate about” she says.




“Nikki has a natural talent and ability in esthetics and advanced make up!…We love her attitude, her eagerness and her readiness for anything and everything that comes her way” says MC College Winnipeg Director, Anna McGregor.

Why did you choose Esthetics as a career?
“I’ve always wanted to do something that I had an interest in but I didn’t know what! I was into nails, make up and health and wellness so it just made sense to get into Esthetics…My sister is a Hairstylist and my role model and my biggest supporter. Seeing her do hair and being able to be her own boss and be creative at the same time inspired me.”



When did you know you wanted to be an Esthetician?
“When I started looking into Esthetics, I didn’t really know what it was all about. Once I looked around and did my research, I became obsessed. I knew right then and there that it was for me!”

What do you like most about Esthetics so far?
“All of it. I fell in love with makeup after taking the advanced make up course at MC…it ignited a passion inside of me for make up. I always wanted to try out special effects make up but I thought it was out of my reach. Margarita made everything in the class easy to follow along and understand.”





What do you love about MC College?
“The teachers! Everyone is supportive and they balance each other. I also love the events we get to be part of like the MC Fashion Show…it was an awesome feeling to re-create looks on the models and work with the Hairstyling and other Esthetics students. When we saw the models walk down the runway, we felt so proud of ourselves…volunteering has really helped me expand my skills. I used to be so shy and these events force me out of my safety net.”


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Sooo happy to be apart of the fear of the walking dead escape game @adrenaline_adventures . Sad that this is my last weekend helping do the makeup but it was such an amazing experience. has and continues to put on a wicked game, which is sold out!! Sooo cool! The makeup artists I got to work with are so talented and taught me so much!! Another upside to this is that my school allows me to claim hours for my volunteer work! #mccollegegroup. Best school choice ever! 😘❤️👯👏👍🙌 #ilovemylife #makeup #artist #intraining #success #workhardplayhard #determined #mclife #mccollege #winnipeg #beyourownadvocate #anythingispossible #believeyouwillsucceed #mrizzdoesart @desjoyal @mrizzdoesart

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“She volunteers for EVERYTHING!! She was one of the students that led our DIY evening. She has gone outside of school to become involved with anything to do with esthetics and make up. She is beyond amazing and works so hard and will be so successful in her career. She sets such a great example for her peers” says Anna McGregor.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned or faced while at MC College?
“Being away from home. I moved here from Thompson just for school!”





What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Margarita has always said to me: Just do it you will be fine. You’ll never know if you will succeed if you don’t try. What’s the worst that would come out of trying?”



What are your plans when you graduate?
“First thing I’m going to do: move back home! My sister and I want to open a salon and spa together.”





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