Creative Session: Warrior


MC College Presents

The Artego Creative Lounge

This summer MC College was proud to create and begin using the Artego Creative Lounge.  Located at the Edmonton Campus, this facility was sponsored by Artego Canada and features a state of the art lecture and demonstration facility as well a fully functioning photography studio.  The first photo shoot in the space was a collaboration between all three departments of MC College, Hairstyling, Esthetics and Fashion Design.

MC College Technical Advisor, Renato Candia was working the salon floor assisting students with clients when he spotted a beautiful young woman having her hair done.  Always on the look out for potential models, Renato approached the client and asked if she had ever considered being a model.  The student was thrilled to create an edgy look on model, Zoriana.  The next step involved a trip to the fashion lab where they discovered the post apocalyptic warrior influenced designs of student Danny Bullock’s graduating collection.  The collection fit perfectly with the theme and add in Esthetics Instructor, Honour O’Donovon’s, bold make up and the creative photo session Warrior was born.

This Thursday night all the Fashion Design Graduates will be showing their collections as a kick off to Western Canada Fashion Week.

Dark. Edgy. She’s on a mission. Warrior circa 2064.

Influenced by a post-apocalyptic world, staff and senior students from the Edmonton campus teamed up for a creative photo shoot.

Creative Director: Renato Candia, Instructor/Technical Advisor

Hair & Photographer: Justine Schmutz, Cycle 4 Hair Student

Make-up: Honour O’Donovan, Esthetics Instructor

Fashion: Danny Bullock, Fashion Student

Model: Zoriana

15 Minutes with 14 Fashion Graduates

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Earlier this week, I sat down with the 2013 graduating Fashion class at MC College Edmonton. For the past 12 months, they were taught by leaders in Edmonton’s fashion industry: Tammy, Alisha, Kelsey and Suzy. We had a quick chat about their experiences, upcoming collections, goals, and advice. Below are a few highlights from our 15 minute chat.

It’s been 12 months of hard work. How was the process?

Various: Stressful | Go-go-go! | It’s hard but worth it!

Where do you find your creativity?

Katie: History and Victorian era

Millie: Mermaids and characters

Jessalyn: Mexican culture and lifestyle

Tell me about your line and collection. 

Sneha: Indian Culture – the details and silhouettes

Millie: Mermaids, soft colors, netting, festival wear, custom prints

Danny: Post-apocalypse, new age, texture, hard lines, metallic

Katie: Beauty is Strength, natural fabrics

Heather: Line is called Solstice. It’s dramatic, good vs. evil in fairytales

Farrah: My line is called Karmiah. It’s high end contemporary, fun, sassy ready-to-wear

What are your plans after graduation?

Farrah: Working on going to West Hollywood for an internship with Bebe

Katie: Interning in Kenya for an organization where all proceeds from their clothing line goes back into the charity. I will also be develop a children’s line for them. The organization is Amani Hijou

Danny: I want to develop [costumes for] characters and intern with Cirque du Soleil

Five years from now. Where do you see yourself?

Danny: Creating zombies!

Farrah: Opening a salon and spa with clothing section for my line

Heather: Opening a Made-to-Measure store

Millie: I want to open an online store before opening a store on Whyte Ave where it is open at night and it could also be an art gallery

Jesica: I want to open a Made-to-Measure store for plus-size women

After completing the program, what advice would you give to the students starting in September?

Various:  It’s worth it! | It’s a lot of work | Sleep! | Save money as materials and supplies cost a lot | Have a grasp of time-management | Have ideas logged, even a rough sketch – when you have a hectic schedule it’s great to have something to fall back on

Congratulations to the 2013 graduating class! 

To see all 14 graduating collections, please visit us at Western Canada Fashion Week on September 19! For more details, visit WCFW.