Creative Session: Warrior


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The Artego Creative Lounge

This summer MC College was proud to create and begin using the Artego Creative Lounge.  Located at the Edmonton Campus, this facility was sponsored by Artego Canada and features a state of the art lecture and demonstration facility as well a fully functioning photography studio.  The first photo shoot in the space was a collaboration between all three departments of MC College, Hairstyling, Esthetics and Fashion Design.

MC College Technical Advisor, Renato Candia was working the salon floor assisting students with clients when he spotted a beautiful young woman having her hair done.  Always on the look out for potential models, Renato approached the client and asked if she had ever considered being a model.  The student was thrilled to create an edgy look on model, Zoriana.  The next step involved a trip to the fashion lab where they discovered the post apocalyptic warrior influenced designs of student Danny Bullock’s graduating collection.  The collection fit perfectly with the theme and add in Esthetics Instructor, Honour O’Donovon’s, bold make up and the creative photo session Warrior was born.

This Thursday night all the Fashion Design Graduates will be showing their collections as a kick off to Western Canada Fashion Week.

Dark. Edgy. She’s on a mission. Warrior circa 2064.

Influenced by a post-apocalyptic world, staff and senior students from the Edmonton campus teamed up for a creative photo shoot.

Creative Director: Renato Candia, Instructor/Technical Advisor

Hair & Photographer: Justine Schmutz, Cycle 4 Hair Student

Make-up: Honour O’Donovan, Esthetics Instructor

Fashion: Danny Bullock, Fashion Student

Model: Zoriana

Alumni Profile: Courtney Janz

Courtney Janz

Courtney Janz

With an infatuation of everything beauty, Courtney Janz knew she was destined to be in the beauty industry. She received her first lessons from her grandmother who always made sure that her own makeup and nails were done. She encouraged Courtney to experiment with makeup and discover her artistry. Growing up, Courtney was the girl who would stop strangers to ask what shade of lipstick someone was wearing. “I wanted to know the brand and exact name of the colour!”, exclaimed Courtney

As it became time to start thinking about a career, Courtney’s hairstylist suggested that she look into MC College’s Esthetics program. MC College happened to be a perfect fit for her as she had plans to relocate to Saskatoon! Days after graduating, she was offered a position at The Make-Up Studio. Eight years later, Courtney has worked her way up to Manager of this popular Saskatoon beauty salon. As manager, Courtney is responsible for the daily operations including hiring and training staff as well as maintaining her clientele. Every year, Courtney and her staff provide makeup services for the Telemiracle, a charity event that assists Saskatchewan residents receive access to special needs equipment and medical assistance. Over the years, Courtney has worked with Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath and music artists Amy Sky, Beverly Mahood, Johnny Reid and Patricia Conroy on this amazing charity event. She has also worked with Canadian celebrities Joni Mitchell and Brent Butt at the 2005 Lieutenant Governor Centennial Gala.

As parts of her career are glamourous, there is also the reality. According to Courtney, natural talent, a love of people, and a genuine passion are essential for success in the beauty industry. If you are not passionate, your client will notice. Not sure that it’s right for you? Speak with someone who is already in that field. Ask them questions about the industry, services and products.

“The major thing about this industry is that you only get better with time. Your services will get better, you will get better and reading and interacting with your clients and you will become more successful because you have a better understanding of the dynamics of the job. Until you have a few years experience under your belt it best to put your best face forward, be as kind and friendly as possible, continue educating yourself so that you can educate your clients and start building a lasting rapport with them. “ | Courtney Janz

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See the slide show below for examples of Courtney’s work!

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