Student blog: Pivot Point Study Abroad in Barcelona

This month, we packed our passports and jetsetted to Barcelona! From the top of Monjuich Hill to the cobbled stones of Girona, here’s what MC College Saskatoon Student, Meaghan Palmer, had to say about the trip:

As we landed in Barcelona, Spain I knew I was going to love it there. Our first excursion was a trip to the little town of Sitges just outside Barcelona. We had been travelling for many hours with very little sleep but it was still beautiful. We were surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and small buildings that looked like something from the past.



After we toured the town for a bit we were served paella; which is a traditional Spanish dish at a restaurant located just off the beach. It was a wonderful first day in Barcelona!


Our time in Barcelona was filled with tours of the beautiful city. We were able to see the Sagrada Familia which is a church designed by Gaude that has been being built for over a hundred years and is planned to be finished in 2026.


During our time there we got the privilege of two days of international training. We learned so much in those two days that we are now able to take back and further our careers in the beauty industry!


We also got to see things like the Picasso museum and the Cathedral of Barcelona.


My favorite part was our tour of the city from the top part of a double decker bus. The day was beautiful and we were able to enjoy the sun while taking in the breath taking sites of Barcelona.


My eight days in Barcelona was filled with culture, shopping, dining, and training.


We sipped wine in the center of Barcelona on the rooftop of our hotel. We dined in five star restaurants while enjoying the company of each other. I highly recommend Pivot Point’s study abroad trip to anyone who wants to experience culture, and the opportunity of international training. It was an experience I will never forget.



Beauty Abroad: London & Dublin

London and Dublin

Join MC College and Pivot Point Academy as we jet set to Northern Europe!

MC College is partnering with Pivot Point Academy to offer MC College students and alumni the chance to study abroad in London and Dublin. Between October 6th and October 14th 2014, you’ll visit prestigious salons, attend the Salon International Showcase and explore famous landmarks. Between touring picturesque towns and attending inspirational platform shows, you’ll expand yourself and your career through Irish and British arts, history and culture. Along with MC College, 3 international beauty schools will be on the trip; making this a great opportunity for students, graduates and alumni to network, draw inspiration and share techniques with other beauty schools from around the world. What you’ll be doing during the 9-day trip*:

Day 1-3:

Your trip starts off in the seaside Village of Malahide, where you’ll see one of the oldest castles in Ireland, Malahide Castle. You’ll stay at and explore Dublin’s trendy and vibrant neighborhood, Temple Bar. Considered as Dublin’s version of New York’s SoHo, the cobblestoned streets are lined with boutiques, award winning restaurants, art galleries and a plethora of pubs. Enjoy a scenic ride to County Wicklow, where movies such as Braveheart, starring Mel Gibson, were filmed!

temple br

Day 4-6:

Don’t forget to pack your most fashionable (and comfortable) shoes as you’ll be going on a guided walking tour around Dublin city. Learn about Irish culture and visit well-known landmarks such as Trinity College (Prince Charles attended this school), Dublin castle and Christchurch cathedral. On your 5th day, you’ll sail in luxury on the World’s largest ferry to London, England.You’ll hop onto a double-decker bus and see the Tower of London, Camden Locks, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace (maybe you’ll see Kate Middleton). To wrap up the day, you’ll do a tour at one of London’s most-well known salons!


Day 7-9:

Considered as the greatest event in the world of hairdressing, you’ll get to attend the prestigious Salon International Show, where you’ll be one of the first to discover the season’s newest cutting techniques and coloring trends. After the show, you have VIP tickets to attend the Alternative Hair Show. You’ll rub elbows with prominent members in the industry and chat with international hair artists. On your 8th day, you’ll visit the Pivot Point Academy for a day of training with world-renowned instructors.

alternative hair show

*Itinerary subject to change

For $5990cdn, this is an all-inclusive package that includes food, hotel, flight, transportation, fun excursions and valuable education. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

SPACE IS LIMITED. Meet with an Admissions Advisor for more information and to sign up today!

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