DIY Studio: Holiday Hair 🎄


As the Holidays approach, you’re probably starting to freak out a bit. From deciding which sparkly outfit to wear to getting a kick start on shopping for presents, the last thing on your mind is what hairstyle to rock at your next party. On November 28, our Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Winnipeg and Saskatoon campus held a FREE DIY (aka: do it yourself) studio hair event for the Holidays which was open to anyone and everyone to attend!


Whether you’re headed to an ugly Christmas Sweater party or Christmas Carol Karaoke and everything in between, our students and staff showed you how to create snap worthy Holiday hair looks on yourself so that you can avoid the dreaded “Pinterest fail” feeling!

Each campus had different stations dedicated to specific hair looks; from chignons to old Hollywood finger waves, Victoria Secret inspired curls and braids.

holiday hair rd

At our Winnipeg campus, our Students glammed up each attendee with a free lipstick touch up at their Lipstick Lounge. Swag bags, giveaways and a $1000 tuition scholarship were handed out at each campus.

Missed our DIY Studio: Holiday Hair event? Stay tuned for our next event!

What’s the MC College DIY Studio event? It’s a series of do-it-yourself tutorials where we show you how to curl and style your own hair, create a creepy doll eyed look for Halloween and more!

Student of the Month: Nikki Thorne

nikki thorne

All the way from the “Hub of the North” (AKA: Thompson, Manitoba), the Student of the Month goes out to Nikki Thorne from the Esthetics program in Winnipeg! From jet skis to microdermabrasions, she originally started a career in sales at a recreation dealership but decided on a career change. “I was a sales manager for over 7 years. It was time for a change in scenery and I’ve always wanted to be self employed and do something that I’m passionate about” she says.




“Nikki has a natural talent and ability in esthetics and advanced make up!…We love her attitude, her eagerness and her readiness for anything and everything that comes her way” says MC College Winnipeg Director, Anna McGregor.

Why did you choose Esthetics as a career?
“I’ve always wanted to do something that I had an interest in but I didn’t know what! I was into nails, make up and health and wellness so it just made sense to get into Esthetics…My sister is a Hairstylist and my role model and my biggest supporter. Seeing her do hair and being able to be her own boss and be creative at the same time inspired me.”



When did you know you wanted to be an Esthetician?
“When I started looking into Esthetics, I didn’t really know what it was all about. Once I looked around and did my research, I became obsessed. I knew right then and there that it was for me!”

What do you like most about Esthetics so far?
“All of it. I fell in love with makeup after taking the advanced make up course at MC…it ignited a passion inside of me for make up. I always wanted to try out special effects make up but I thought it was out of my reach. Margarita made everything in the class easy to follow along and understand.”





What do you love about MC College?
“The teachers! Everyone is supportive and they balance each other. I also love the events we get to be part of like the MC Fashion Show…it was an awesome feeling to re-create looks on the models and work with the Hairstyling and other Esthetics students. When we saw the models walk down the runway, we felt so proud of ourselves…volunteering has really helped me expand my skills. I used to be so shy and these events force me out of my safety net.”



“She volunteers for EVERYTHING!! She was one of the students that led our DIY evening. She has gone outside of school to become involved with anything to do with esthetics and make up. She is beyond amazing and works so hard and will be so successful in her career. She sets such a great example for her peers” says Anna McGregor.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned or faced while at MC College?
“Being away from home. I moved here from Thompson just for school!”





What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Margarita has always said to me: Just do it you will be fine. You’ll never know if you will succeed if you don’t try. What’s the worst that would come out of trying?”



What are your plans when you graduate?
“First thing I’m going to do: move back home! My sister and I want to open a salon and spa together.”





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💈 Student of the Month: Adil Ehsani 💈

adil 6

From 4am fades to 🔥 hair tattoos, the Student of the Month goes out to MC College Calgary Hairstyling student, Adil Ehsani! He originally wanted to pursue a career as an electrical engineer but decided that “I always wanted to do something I like: barbering” says Adil.
“Adil has shown so much enthusiasm and excitement for this industry…He has a great attitude and is pleasure to work with” says Hairstyling Instructor, Flora Kahyayan.

Why did you choose Hairstyling as a career?
“I never wanted to do a regular desk job…It all started in Grade 8 because my hair kept on getting ruined every time I got it cut so I started doing it myself and people liked it and they started asking me to do their hair too …my parents were against it at first because I was going to be an electrical engineer…. I realized I loved [barbering] and didn’t want to do anything else…I decided to drop my courses and go into Hairstyling.”

What do you like most about Hairstyling so far?
“Being creative and talking to people. Hairstyling to me is like an art form and you can express yourself”.

adil 4

What do you love about MC College?
“The people and the instructors…there is so much diversity here and everyone has their own personality. It’s nice to see a different perspective and work with different personalities.”

What has surprised you the most about beauty school?
“How much I learned! When I first started here, I was cocky and I thought I knew everything…after the first few days I realized that there is so much to learn about cutting and coloring hair”

adil 3

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned or faced while at MC College?
“Being one of the few guys in Hair School…at first it was intimidating but now it’s just natural and everything feels right. Everyone is so accepting here!”
What are your plans for the future after graduating? .
“In 3 or 4 years, I want to open a barbershop. When I graduate, I’m going to be working at The Ave YYC Barbershop. I love the clients and the barbers there. The owner, Arey, really helped me with my barbering…he’s who I look up to”

adil 2
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Do what you love, don’t ever chase money. If you do what you love, money will come naturally.”

adil 1



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RECAP: Winnipeg New Designers Fashion Show 2016



From fashion retailers such as Nygard International to detail oriented costumes at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg has always been one of Canada’s epi-centers for fashion. This past month, MC College introduced the next generation of Designers into Winnipeg’s fashion industry at the 6th annual New Designers Fashion Show.

From silhouettes inspired by Winnipeg’s architecture to angular detailing, the fashion show included collections by MC College graduates: Linda Kroeker, Carley Wood, Maria Shendrik, Adara Pattersib, Regina Martens and Lauren Howie.

Hosted by Global TV’s Brittany Greenslade, the show was sold out to an audience of family, friends, local media, government officials, MC College staff and students, and Winnipeg’s fashion scene.


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In attendance were, Joe Cairo (President of MC College), Lennard Taylor, Monique Andrews Morrisette (Style Hunter Fox), Black Caviar Productions, Michael Silver (Silver Jeans), Valarie Barr-Jones (Government of Manitoba), Carly Klassen (Marshall Fabrics), Sheri Doyle (Mondetta Clothing) and Merle McDougall Kroeker (Rickis Clothing) to name a few.

Did you catch MC College on Global Morning News and CTV Morning? Click here to watch! 

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The show also featured three MC College Alumnus and local designers: Victoria Kakuktinniq of Victoria’s Arctic Fashions, Ruta Tewelde of House of aRT Fashion and Madison Tooth of Illformal. Huge shoutout  to Manitobah Mukluks for sponsoring the footwear for her showcase.

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Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Lauren Howie


Lauren was born in Calgary, Alberta but grew up in Winnipeg. Her love of fashion construction began when she started making clothes for her toys at a young age. Since then, it has progressed into a full-fledged passion for her career.

Anyone else love this combo? Upcoming #circus Menagerie dress #mccollege

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As a long time fan of anime, she began re-creating her favorite characters as Cosplay at Anime Conventions. Cosplay is the creation of costumes and accessories based on characters in Japanese anime. Her favorite part about Cosplay is coming up with new design concepts and deciphering the construction of a garment or costume.


Upon first exposure, Lauren immediately fell in love with gothic subculture. Fascinated by what makes one uneasily tick, she finds inspiration in dark beauty and a macabre aesthetic. Her love of high contrast and unsettling imagery drew her to create the collection, Circus Menagerie. Inspired by the idea of a dark carnival, the collection was designed for the gothic woman and exudes dark elegance and mystery.


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Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Carley Wood

First Pick - Head shot (2) b&w

Growing up with family in the industry, Carley always knew she would start a career in fashion. “Fashion as a career felt like it would always just be a dream. It was only last year that I decided to continue in fashion and actually work towards my dream!” 

Jacket linings for my f/w '17 collection

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While taking the Fashion Technology program at Murdoch MacKay High School, Carley designed and styled costumes for two musicals. Back in June, Carley was named MC College’s  Student of the Month!

The City Bra 901 prototype in progress

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Her collection, Cityscape, was inspired by Winnipeg’s architecture. The collection incorporates a mix of Winnipeg’s old and new buildings.


From the various shades of blue reflecting off skyscrapers to gray buildings tinted in pinks and purples at sunset, the collection is inspired by the colours that Carley observes throughout the city.


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Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Adara Patterson

Adara option 2

Adara has always been a creative person. She sees every project as a puzzle to solve or an opportunity to create something new.

At a young age, Adara was drawn to clean lines and angular shapes. Naturally, the art of origami became an influence in her designs.

Starting corsets today! More to come. #mccollege #mccfashion

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She believes that “the universe is based on the golden ratio, and the geometry of the universe is beauty.” Her collection, Edgeglow, incorporates angular detailing and smocking to create visual appeal based on geometry.


In the future, Adara plans to work in the fashion industry focusing on pattern making and garment construction where she can apply her love of problem solving and attention to detail.

Adara logo


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Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Maria Shendrik

Maria's photo 1 bw

In 2012, Maria and her family immigrated to Canada from Russia. Growing up, she was always interested in Fashion Design. Maria has childhood memories of her and her family getting dressed up for dinner and family outings.


These memories have since influenced her designs and styling choices. Her love of horseback riding, oil painting and playing the violin has also influenced her designs and her collection.

When she moved to Winnipeg, she decided to realize her dream career and enrolled at MC College.


Maria’s collection, Grace, was inspired by royalty and the art of dressing royal woman for all occasions. With sleek silhouettes and clean lines, the collection features high quality fabrics and a feminine colour palette.


Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Regina Martens

gina head shot greyscale (2)

Regina was born in Dolinsk, Russia but grew up in Germany. After immigrating to Canada, she started her career in the Beauty Industry as a Hairstylist. For the past 4 years, Regina has been the Lead Hairstylist and Manager at Double Images Salon in Morden, Manitoba.


Her love for fashion and sewing came at a young age. At 10 years old, Regina started designing her own clothes and has since refused to use any commercial patterns. It was after the loss of her older brother that Regina decided to pursue her dream of being a Fashion Designer. At 22, she moved to Winnipeg to launch and build her career in fashion.

Final Logo

Regina’s collection, Formal Rocker, was inspired by celebrities pushing the style boundaries at events. From geometric cut-out lace to embroidered tulle and asymmetrical hems, the collection is an edgy take on formal wear.



Winnipeg Fashion Graduate Profile: Linda Kroeker

Linda's photo 1

Growing up, Linda loved thrifting and shopping for vintage clothes. She would often buy something that didn’t fit and take the garment apart to see how it could be reinvented. Although she didn’t always know what she was looking at, the most interesting part was how the garment was constructed.

My first corset, now it just needs a few finishing touches before the runway! #overthetopfashion #funwithfashion

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It’s not a surprise that Linda’s collection, Leaving the Station, has a vintage theme. She drew inspiration from train travel in the 1940’s. Back then, the train was the primary choice in transportation. Because of this, garments for travelers had to be timeless, tailored, stylish and constructed of fine fabrics. Linda used this inspiration and incorporated modern colours, prints and fabrics to her collection.


As a recent graduate from the MC College Fashion Design and Apparel Production program, Linda hopes to open a tailor shop called Stitch & Treadle Custom Designs. Her focus is to customize clothing to fit her clients’ body. She’s strongly believes that a person can only be their best when they feel good in what they’re wearing.


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