Edmonton Fashion Graduate Profile: Aike Zhumagulova


Image credit: Heiko Ryll Photography www.heikoryll.com

Image credit: Heiko Ryll Photography www.heikoryll.com

“Fashion is Art, and Illustration is one of the forms of expressing it with endless possibilities of color texture and most creative designs.”
Aike immigrated to Canada from Kyrgyzstan to pursue her dream career in Fashion. She took part in MC College’s Beauty Apprentice program where she assisted with prepping and styling models backstage at the 2015 New Designers Fashion Show.

In the same year, Aike got the opportunity to work on a team with her fellow high school students to show off their designs at Kingsway Mall’s Ready to Shine 5 event. There, Aike won a tuition scholarship to MC College to kick start her career in fashion.

Throughout her time at MC College, she has done a work placement with MC Alumni, Nicole Campre at WorkHall Studio, and was invited by Kate Spade to do live fashion illustrations at an event in Calgary.

Her collection, ‘Army of Me’, is a reflection of her love of combining colour, tradition, culture and elegance. The collection features an eclectic mix of military and minimalistic silhouettes.

Image credit: Heiko Ryll Photography

Image credit: Heiko Ryll Photography

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Student of the Month: Garett McCallum

Garrett M

All the way from a small Community called Pukatawagan in Manitoba, our Student of the Month is going out to Garett McCallum from the Saskatoon campus! Originally, he pursued a career in politics but realized that “politics wasn’t up my alley…I should have known from my first college applications that Hairstyling should have been my first choice from the beginning”.

Why did you choose Hairstyling as a career?
“Growing up it has been a struggle not only for me but for my family…bad decisions and substance abuse became a daily thing to see but I took it upon myself to surround me and my siblings with Mother Nature. During this time, I discovered that I had a passion for doing hair…and I was proud to show what minor skills I had… whenever I did my sister’s or friend’s hair, it took me away from what was going on in my life…doing hair is music for my hand…it opened my eyes to see that I have to do better for them and myself.”

Going to be an amazing #hairstylist #gaylife #schoolflow #2016

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What do you like most about Hairstyling so far?
“I like that I’m able to express myself in a creative way…there is no limitation of what you can do with hair.”

What do you love about MC College?
“I love the staff, environment…and that there’s so much hands-on training…I also like that the school gives us opportunities to volunteer and helping make people feel better about themselves…attending school has made me a go-getter! ”

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned or faced while at MC College?
“Learning how to be punctual! I have been in school for almost 3 months now and have overcome housing obstacles and transportation problems…I’ve lived and learned many lessons just from living in different cities…being bullied and being gay made things wildly difficult for me because I’ve been in trouble numerous times for sticking up for myself….Because of obstacles in life, it took me a long time to get into MC College and I wasn’t going to give up…I realized if I wanted to pursue a career in Hairstyling, I have to take action and actually move to a city that has a good school and MC College was my choice! I’m in unit 1 and things are only getting better not only for me but for my future…I’m loving every minute of it!!”

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You went to the North American Hairstyling Awards in Vegas last month, how was that!??
“I feel so inspired by the NAHA’s….I have some ideas for my submission but I’m going to make a plan and then a back up plan and then ANOTHER back up plan, just in case! My favorite part was when the artists from Wella told their stories of how they got started. It was so touching and inspiring…I wanted to cry. I loved watching all the work come down the runway. There was long and short hair and hair of all colors.”


What are you looking forward to at MC College?
“OMG photo shoots and extensions! I felt so inspired by the NAHA’s…there are so many possibilities that I could do”

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“My grandpa always told me: Do what you want and don’t give up no matter how many people stomp on you.”

Gave it a try😘

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Why should clients book with you?
“I just started school and I already have 2 returning clients and they aren’t my family!!! You should book with me because I am good at what I do and I am passionate about it. You can see it in my face. I am a people person.”

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MCxNAHA 2016 recap ✈️


How do you kick start a future career in Hairstyling? A trip to Las Vegas for the biggest night in the Beauty Industry! ✈️ 👯
From July 23 to 26, over 70 MC College students and staff made their way to Las Vegas for the 11th annual MCxNAHA show and 27th annual North American Hairstyling Awards (aka. NAHA). Every student that enrolled in the June Hairstyling program went on this trip for FREE. The plane was filled with shadow roots, undercuts and candy colored hair.

VEGAS HERE WE COME! #yxe #mccollege #Vegas #Naha #naha2016

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At this years’ MCxNAHA show, we had a surprise guest speaker from Kansas; 2016 NAHA Master Hairstylist of the Year nominee….👉ERIC FISHER👈! He even invited our students to be part of his master long hair styling and haircutting class at no charge. 🙌

Throughout the MC show, we had 3 presentations for the students.

1). Hair Improv 💇 presented by Yolly Ten Koppel (Artistic Director, Pivot Point International) and Laddie James (Owner and Master Stylist, The Hairstyle Inn).

2). 💁 Creating & critiquing a NAHA entry presented by Cheryl Harrison (VP Operations, MC College) and Jeff Louis (National Artistic Director, Artego).

Cheryl Harrison and Jeff Louis presenting on how to compose a #NAHA entry #mccollegegroup #mcxnaha

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3). 📱 Don’t be stupid on social media – building your brand, presented by Joe Cairo (President, MC College) and Chinda Sin (Marketing Coordinator, MC College).

dino hastag


Later in the evening, the students and staff dressed to the nines for the star studded NAHA awards ceremony. 💄👔👗

(MC College staff repping our Fashion graduates: Nicole Campre of WorkHall Studio and Alisha Schick of Suka Clohting)

From Luxor hotel to Mandalay Bay, we marched to the NAHA’s in our 👠 and on point hair; turning heads from blackjack and poker tables. The NAHA awards ceremony featured littt up 🔥 artistic presentations and endless amounts of inspiration.

Some highlights from this past weekend's Vegas trip #naha2016 #mcxnaha #mccollege #scumbagbarbers

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The students had the opportunity to network with artists such as Babak, Edward Woody (Avant Garde Winner) and Matt Swinney (Hairstylist of the Year) to name a few.

Life begins here #MCxNAHA #naha2016

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Student of the Month: Danielle White

daneille white

Even outside of school or the salon, this student is either doing hair or catching up on the latest hair trends. Our Student of the Month goes out to Hairstyling Student, Danielle White from the Winnipeg Campus! “Danielle was born to be a Hairstylist! Her upbeat, positive personality is infectious. She has the skill set and mind set to go far in her career…She has a natural talent for the industry and it shows in her hard work and dedication” says MC College Winnipeg Director, Anna McGregor.

Why did you choose Hairstyling as a career?
“Honestly, I’ve always loved hair. I remember doing my family’s hair as a kid…My neighbor was a stylist. I’ve known her since I was 5 years old. I remember helping her clean her salon and playing around with shampoo and styling products. I loved watching her do hair because you can really see her passion for hair.”

What do you like most about Hairstyling so far?
“I love colouring and styling because you can see the transformation almost immediately.. .A colour can define their look so much…Hairstyling is much more than doing hair. You’re someone’s therapist and friend.”

What has surprised you the most about beauty school?
“You don’t realize how hard cutting hair is. There’s so much to it: hair growth, texture, head shape. It’s so meticulous.”

What do you love about MC College?
“I love the people and the clients. From teens to seniors – you get to do a bit of everything like balayage and perms. I love that MC is so involved like going to the Ronald McDonald House! Volunteering really adds to someone’s day and you notice it at that moment.”

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned at MC College? Why?
“Constructive criticism. At first, you take it personally because you don’t understand it but after awhile, you realize it’s a good thing. Just don’t let constructive criticism push you down. Use it to grow”.


What are your plans for the future after graduating?
“Everything! I want to work in a salon but at the same time, I don’t want to stay within 4 walls. I want to do competitions, travel and experience the entire industry. I’m going to keep an open mind and take every opportunity given to me… I love that you get to take your career anywhere in the world.”
On day 2 of Danielle’s work experience at Aevi Salon and Spa Boutique, she was offered a job opportunity!

What is the best advice you’ve received about the industry, beauty school or career?
“Stay humble and kind, never let your ego get ahead of you. Everyone loves a humble stylist who’s passionate about what they do… This was from one our instructors, Stacey Mendoza.”


What is your favorite Artego product?
“Dream repair mask. It smells amazing and works wonders!”


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Alumni profile: Alisha Schick


Image credit: Suka Clothing Facebook Page

From teenage misfit to Fashion Designer, Alisha has played an important role in the growth of Edmonton’s Fashion Industry. As a 2001 Fashion Design graduate from MC College Edmonton, she is the Owner and Creative Director of Suka Clothing, and a Fashion Instructor at MC College. Since graduating, she has also:

• Showcased in The Park Show in Edmonton and Calgary
• Showcased at Western Canada Fashion Week
• Been featured in Fashion Magazine, Avenue Edmonton, Georgie Magazine and Alberta Venture to name a few.
• Competed in the 2012 Mercedes Benz start up competition
• Done illustration and styling for local publications.

badlands jersey
“Being an instructor has challenged my design beliefs and refined my skills and abilities as a designer. I learn as much from my students as they do from me” (via Fashion Magazine). As an Instructor, she has mentored Designers as such: Nicole Campre, Sid Neigum and Jessilyn Poole (Eve and Enoch) to name a few.

She became interested in fashion in High School. “In sewing class, I was with a bunch of misfits…girls that were kind of the rebel type. One of them was going to hair school at MC College and pushed me to sign up for the fashion program” she says. “Fashion for me was a complete accident…I had initially wanted to be a physiotherapist” Alisha continues (Via InTouch News).


Alisha’s career in Fashion started when she completed her internship in Toronto. “I interned with Marcus Fraser, a local business owner whose brand came out of Toronto…he was a real person to talk to because he was from Edmonton and his company started very grass roots” says Alisha. In 2007, she launched Suka Clothing. The garments are designed by Alisha and made in Edmonton, and can be purchased online (sukaclothing.co) or in-stores (Bamboo Ballroom).

What is your brand about?
“Inspired by our Alter Ego. Suka Clothing is a lifestyle brand with a strong understanding for music, subcultures and high fashion. The brand offers comfortable, detail orientated design with a focus on wearability. Bold, street inspired looks are balanced with feminine silhouettes and simplicity.”

What has been the biggest eye opener since graduating?
“This industry is tough, it takes a lot of hard work…be prepared for heartache and disappointment, it’s the most important step in success…You can never measure your success with anyone else…you have to DO YOU and build on that every time.”

What advice would you give to MC College students and to aspiring fashion designers?
“Leave your ego at the door…Be yourself, be real, don’t give up, accept challenges and…you got to give a shit! There is no half ass in fashion…and be humble because you will never know everything there is to know.”


Gold at Skills Manitoba: Aurora Donaldson


From Independent Fashion Designer to Entrepreneur, there are so many career paths in the Beauty and Fashion Industry. At MC College, we offer tuition scholarships, transfer credits to our programs and industry opportunities to help and support High School students achieve their dream career. On average, we award over $100,000 worth of tuition scholarships across Western Canada. As part of our Beauty Apprentice program, High School students get the exclusive chance to experience the hustle and bustle of a fashion show backstage. Our Try-A-Trade booths at Skills offer students a hands-on look into Hairstyling, Esthetics and Fashion.

Last month, hundreds of students across the country competed in Skills Canada. One of those students was Fashion Technology High School student, Aurora Donaldson from Murdoch MacKay Collegiate in Winnipeg.

Her journey in the competition kicked off at Skills Manitoba this past April. With an audience watching her every stitch and seam, Aurora designed and constructed a tailored jacket in 6 hours! She competed against dozens of Fashion Technology students across Manitoba and won the coveted gold medal; allowing her to be the face of the Province at Skills Canada. In addition to placing first, she won a $3500 tuition scholarship to MC College to further her training in Fashion Design.


(Right: Aurora Donaldson. Image credit: Skills Canada Manitoba Facebook)

As a Judge at the Provincial competition and Fashion Instructor at MC College, Brenda Speirs-Fryatt, offered Aurora guidance and mentorship for the Nationals. “Aurora is extremely talented and driven too excel. She works above and beyond to perfect her design; spending hours, spares, evenings and weekends preparing for the Nationals. I am so proud of what she has achieved!” says Brenda.


From June 5th to 8th, Aurora travelled to Moncton, New Brunswick for the Skills Canada Competition and placed 4th across Canada for Fashion Technology. This week, she was announced and congratulated by Transcona MLA, Blair Yakimoski, and received a standing ovation (the only item on the agenda that received an ovation!) for her achievements.

“This passion doesn’t grow without the support, encouragement and direction of her teacher Denise Miller and Brenda Speirs-Fryatt of MC College who saw her potential and fostered it…she took her skills and that gold medal with the guidance of her mentors, she was part of team Manitoba at the skills Canada national competition…although she finished just off the podium, we are all very proud of her” says Blair Yakimoski.

Watch the entire video here:


What is Skills Canada?
Skills Canada is an Olympic-style competition that promotes and highlights careers in skilled trades such as: Hairstyling, Esthetics and Fashion Technology. Winners of the provincial competition in several trades compete against each other for the title of ‘National Champion’ and the opportunity to represent Canada in the World Skills Competition in Abu Dhabi in July 2017.

Student of the Month: Carley Wood

carley 1.png

From collecting vinyl records to designing moto jackets, our Student of the Month is Carley Wood from the Fashion Program in Winnipeg! “Carley has come a long way…and she is always on top of her game. She is hard working and…is committed to the program and it shows in the garments she creates” says MC College Winnipeg Director, Anna McGregor.

Why did you choose Fashion as a career?
“I grew up with my mom sewing and it caught up with me…I always knew I wanted to be in the industry and took the fashion technology class in high school. Fashion as a career felt like it would always just be a dream. It was only last year that I decided to continue in fashion and actually work towards my dream!”

The City Bra 901 prototype in progress

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What do you like most about Fashion School?
“I love it all, especially designing and illustrating! When I started here, Illustrating was new to me but now I LOVE it… We are doing a merchandising course next month that I’m super excited about…I’ve created a white knee length skirt with gold lace, a cropped blouse, tailored jacket with pleated sleeves, corset, dress with deep v armholes and a tulle skirt. The most exciting project for me was the skirt…it turned out beautiful and I love the lace I used.”


What do you love about MC College?
“I feel comfortable and at home here. Everyone is amazing. The teachers and my classmates are 100% supportive of everyone.”


What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned at MC College?
“Right now, it’s the business courses. It’s an eye opener and it’s hard, but in a good way. There’s a lot that goes into starting your own business.”

What has surprised you the most about Fashion School?
“It’s much more than just learning how to sew…you learn about the history, business, starting your own collection…also, everyone is helpful and happy all the time. You always want to be here. You don’t want to be anywhere else!”

Can you tell us about your collection for the New Designers Fashion Show?
“My collection is called Cityscape and I was inspired by Winnipeg…it’s a mix of new and old buildings.. There’s coats, knit wear and crop tops…a cropped bomber and a moto jacket with shearling lining”.

Who is your favorite Designer?
“YSL and Versace. They make beautiful gowns!”

What is the best career advice you’ve received?
“Just continue working towards your dream. Always have a goal in mind and work towards it”.


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What are your plans when you graduate?
”I keep switching but I know that I want to work in Toronto or London for merchandising or styling…or BOTH! I hope to gear my internship towards that.”


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Beauty Changes Lives: Kate Korpi Academy


Image Credit: Modern Salon

Beauty Changes Lives. This is something I’ve always believed in and preached since I started my career in the Beauty Industry 7-ish years ago. Along the way, I’ve met some incredible Hairstylists, Fashion Designers and Estheticians who are using their career to make a difference in the community.

A few months ago, I stopped procrastinating and finally crossed the number one item on my bucket list: visit the Mother Land…Cambodia! From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and Takeo Province, I met family for the first time, visited Angkor Wat, learned more about the Khmer Rouge regime, bargained like a local at Orussey Market, and celebrated Khmer New Year in the country side, and much more. The trip was a complete culture shock and it was hard to turn a blind eye to the level of poverty. But, as a second-generation immigrant, it was a humbling experience as it could have easily been my life.

You’re probably wondering…how are the Beauty Industry and Cambodia related?
When I had returned from the trip, I read an article in the April Issue of Salon Today about 2 Stylists, Matthew Fairfax and Lauren Enbright, and their work in Cambodia. In 2009, they took a trip to Cambodia after hearing stories about the sex trafficking industry. “After 10 days of meetings, visiting with survivors of sex trafficking and pushing through the culture shock of third world poverty, our plan to change the world had begun” says Matthew (via Salon Today).

Instructing at KK

Image credit: Modern Salon

After raising $120,000, they opened Kate Korpi Salon and Training Academy in Phnom Penh. The school teaches Hairstyling to the survivors and those at risk of the sex trafficking industry. All of the students at the school are awarded a full tuition scholarship and are given 2 years of training from Hairstylists (aka: Guest Artists) from around the world. When they graduate, they are given the opportunity to work at Kate Korpi Salon with Matthew and his Team. The students have assisted with hair and make up for the Cambodian Drama, “Little Miss Vengeance” and at Phnom Penh Fashion Week 2015.


Image credit: Kate Korpi Salon Facebook page

“What’s really special is that all of a sudden, I realized our students in Cambodia were truly changed. Now, they have vocational skills, business skills and a sense of belonging, hope and laughter” says Matthew (via Salon Today).


How can you help?
They are currently looking for Guests Artists and Advocates to volunteer a minimum of 3 weeks to teach Hairstyling and build confidence in the students. The Guest Artists come from around the world and are important in adding variety to the students’ education. If you are interested, please visit: http://www.justiceandsoul.org/

Read about Kate Korpi Academy here:


Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katekorpisalon/?fref=ts

Student of the Month: Cinthia Tejeda

cinthia selfie

Growing up in Mexico, Cinthia always believed that everyone deserves a chance. “I worked as a volunteer for an orphanage in Mexico City. In a city with at least a million kids living [on] the streets, it was hard for me to ignore that growing problem…”. After studying law for a year and immigrating to Calgary from Mexico in 2008, Cinthia decided to follow her passion and start her career towards becoming an Esthetician. “Cinthia has impressed us at the campus with her open and positive personality. She is an extremely hard worker that consistently goes above and beyond the call” says Calgary Director, Todd Maki.

Why did you choose Esthetics as a career?
“I love making people feel happy. When they come here, they might be stressed out from life but I get to help them feel their best and I love that feeling…I always knew I wanted to be an Esthetician but it took me awhile to realize it. For so long, I wanted to be a lawyer. I studied law for a year in Mexico…but I wasn’t passionate about it….I love beauty products and making people happy. When I came to Calgary, I started investigating Esthetics”.


What do you like most about Esthetics so far?
“Facials and body treatments! I love the theory behind why facials are good for your skin and body. I can’t wait to learn about advanced facials…It’s so interesting!! I also like working closely with customers. They trust you with their looks and their secrets.”


My latest job #today #spa #mccollegeyyc #estheticianstudent #estheticianlife #estheticiandaries #calgary #estheticiandaries #Canadianesthetician

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What has surprised you the most about beauty school?
“How much you can do and learn in one month. After one month in school, I learned how to do facials and manicures. To me, this is amazing that we could learn so much in just one month.”


What do you love about MC College?
“Everything about MC is OMG. Everything is amazing. Destiny (Esthetics Instructor) is amazing! She makes the place shine and she is entertaining, passionate and knowledgeable. Everyday we learn something new and everyday is different. I have been given so many tools to learn different things.”

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve learned at MC College? Why?
“Balancing life at home with school. I love all of my instructors and classmates but at the same time, you get stressed out because you see them more than your family.”

What is the best advice you’ve received about the industry, beauty school or career?
“Follow your passion. Put your heart into it and try your best and always work hard…for so long, I wanted to be a lawyer. But when I moved to Calgary, I realized that it wasn’t my calling.”

cinthia 2

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READY TO SHINE 6: A Cut Above the Rest

rts6 1.png

From bougie dresses to blouses channeling Coachella vibes, Fashion Studies students from 7 Edmonton Public High Schools got the chance to show off their designs at Kingsway Mall’s Ready to Shine event. Now in its 6th year, the event challenges High School students to design and construct garments for evening, career and casual wear. They also made garments out of unconventional materials such as recycled newspaper, shopping bags and bubble wrap.


As a proud sponsor, year after year, we were excited to see the designs of Edmonton’s next top fashion designers. The garments were modelled on the runway by High School Students and local celebrities such as: Nicole Crosbie (95.7 Cruz FM), Kimberley Wynn (CTV), Stacey Brotzel (CTV), Dana Giesbrecht (Shaw TV), Nancy Carlson (Global TV) and Ami Amato (Up 99.3 FM). The show did not disappoint….it was LIT!!

Another photo of my design from Ready to Shine 6! #rts6 #readytoshine6 #yegdesign #yegstudent @kimwynnctv

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Last years’ winner of our scholarship and current MC College Fashion Student, Aike Zhumaglova, was on location to announce the winner of this year’s scholarship recipient.

Congrats to the participating High Schools: Harry Ainlay, Ross Shepard, WP Wagner, McNally, M.E Lazerte, L.Y Cairns and Jasper Place High School.


Did you miss the live segment on Dinner Television? You can watch it here: http://www.kingswaymall.com/ready_to_shine.asp
‘Ready to Shine’ is a fundraising partnership with Kingsway mall and the Edmonton Public School Foundation to showcase young fashion designers and their creative minds. This year, the event raised $20,000 for the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation’s full day kindergarten program in schools located in vulnerable social communities.